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About me

Hello Adventurers! Every turn of the road ahead in the dark woods, the next cavern with a light casting shadows on the walls, or even a crowded music filled tavern where suspicious eyes follow your every move; these scenarios can place you in a world where adventure awaits and your characters choices will determine your hero's journey. I love table top gaming and weaving a narrative tale that provides an immersive experience for my players. I believe in creating a tale that integrates the character's backstories and provides that much needed drive to open up worlds of wonder and possibility. With over three decades of RPG experience, both playing and DMing, I love players who come for a story laced with heroics, camaraderie, and an interest to explore aspects of the world and their characters in it. As a second generation RPG gamer I was introduced to first edition Dungeons and Dragons in the 1980's. Every aspect of the game was fascinating: the storytelling, maps, miniatures and dice. From there I have played or run every edition of TSR's creations and have landed on 5th edition which has been a well balanced system over these last few years. Along the way I delved into Pathfinder, White Wolf's array of books (Werewolf, Vampire and Mage), Palladium, Powered by the Apocalypse games, Savage World's and many other independent games. I currently game with my wife, two teenage kids, friends and family. I live in the beautiful Pacific NW with my family and my three dogs Dottie, Flapjack and Buster. I've decided to jump into professional Game Mastering after over 3 decades of table top experience. Currently, I have 3 one shot scenarios I'm looking to start up but I would be available to home-brew a tailored campaign if desired. I am available to run all adult games as well as a mix of kids and adults. I enjoy teaching and running the game for all ages (my two kids started role playing at age 8, they are now teenagers.) Contact me and let's see where your next journey will take you!

GM style

Aspects of the game are dependent on the type of game the players are interested in experiencing. Whether its gritty and dark or fun and fantastical, my main goal has always been the enjoyment of the players. I enjoy weaving character backstories into the narrative I've created because ultimately the players can build the story just as much as the Game Master. My typical balance in a game comes down to 60% role playing, 30% combat, and 10% puzzles and traps. These percentages can fluctuate based on the desires of the group. I utilize rich, flavored descriptions to immerse players into the narrative. I am also a believer in strong role play, even in combat. Good tactics should be rewarded. Use the environment provided, because your enemies will certainly take advantage if given the opportunity. I've been known to alter monsters to provide surprises to players familiar to monster's stats. I realize that some topics might be difficult for some players and I utilize the "X-card" or "Line" option to stop a scene from moving forward due to a topic that you do not wish to explore (judgement free in a supportive environment). In addition I use the "yellow card" or "Veil" option for topics that may be uncomfortable and can go to a fade to black scenario. Feel free to call for a short break to utilize these options privately. After we agree to start I enjoy doing a free session 0 to introduce your characters into the world. I can help you build your character in D&D Beyond and if possible the group can talk out party connectivity, backstories, and allegiances. We can also discuss possible topics you care to avoid for your comfort level. I believe in an inclusive game style that accepts ALL players. Please refrain from offensive and pointed verbal comments related to gender, age, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability, or any other protected characteristic. The main idea is to allow everyone the ability to enjoy the game. Now...roll initiative.

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