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About me

Greetings Adventurers! Thanks for stopping by on your long journey, I'm sure you are weary from the road. So take a seat, warm yourself by the fire - stay a while and listen! Table top role-playing games (ttrpgs) embody the heart and soul of improvisational storytelling. It is a versatile platform which ranges from in-depth exploration of social values to busting the funniest in-jokes with a group of strangers in minutes flat. Usually both. My role as a storyteller is to efficiently build consensus and create a container so we can get to what is professionally referred to as "the good stuff." I have been honing this practice since 2005, when I snuck into the library late one night and printed out the 3.5ed Dungeon & Dragons Player's Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide, and Monster Manual and ran like hell from the printing lab attendants. I have since atoned for these sins as an avid recycler and blatant book collector. Since then I have voraciously consumed everything I could on how to hone the craft of collective storytelling, from ttrpg-specific books and blogs (Keith Amman, Johnn Four, Michael E. Shea) to resources outside the craft (Marshal Rosenberg, Khalil Ghibral, Hayao Miyazaki). From homebrew to hardcover, I have run over 30 campaigns which have ranged from 6 sessions to over 100, as well as countless one-shots. This includes Adventurer's League games at my friendly local game store(s) as well as local and national conventions (GenCon, Origins, DragonCon, Winter Fantasy). As a DM, I believe that is critical to experience the game from all angles - that includes professional writing as well as playing! As a writer, I have published several titles on DMs Guild and there is always another project in the works. Head on over to to learn more! As a player, you can hear me every week on the FaeForge Academy podcast over at ! I am happy to bring this experience and expertise to your game and make sure you walk away from every session pumped for next week and *what happens next.* As a professional, I can promise you that your experience as a customer matters. Your motivations as both a player and a character will drive each play session in tandem with the rest of the players at the table. Conflicts will be contained between characters, not players, and issues arising over game mechanics will be addressed courteously and smoothly. From narrative-focused storytelling to mechanics-heavy gish, from low-fantasy gritty to transdimensional wayfarers, let's bring characters to life and tell some great stories together. May the dice roll ever in your favor, -Ian

GM style

My first priority in every game is to create a space where everyone is given an opportunity to take the spotlight and really make a difference in the fictional world that we create together. Whether you are ready nova with your multi-class archer who "looks just like a human," are running insight checks on the furniture, or are simply idly asking "is there a chandelier in the room?" I am excited to provide the scene what it needs to make your character shine.


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