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🚵🏻‍♂️:6'0" // 35 // He/Him 🎲: The One Ring 2e, Isle of Ixx, Warlock!, 5e Hello there, traveler! It's me, DM Nors. I'm a fiction and TTRPG writer, high school English teacher, cat dad, and avid soccer fan. I grew up acting in the theater, reading fantasy books (well, my parents read them to me until about halfway through high school: I'm dyslexic), and pretending I was Frodo hiding from orcs in the woods around my parents' house. As a fiction writer, I'm all about the narrative scope of a good TTRPG session. Like a short story or novel, every uncovered thread connects to a larger tapestry, if only your characters would follow it to its conclusion. That being said, I also have a love for Mutant Crawl Classics (a gonzo OSR with extremely lethal combat), so be prepared to use every ounce of courage and cleverness to triumph in battle. I believe in real stakes for player-characters and enemies who look to kill as much as they look to run and save themselves from death. Pre-Session Hang: I am online 1 hour before each session (optional for players) just to hang out and chat and get to know each other or catch up. It also gives me time to putter around with any tweaks I want to make to our session in case new Lines or Veils have been submitted.

GM style

What to expect: 🎞️"Be excellent to each other." ~ Bill S. Preston // Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure ~ 🎭Colorful NPC interactions complete with voice acting. 🎵Keyed location Music. 🧌Complex adversaries with desires and designs of their own. 🩸🗡️Dangerous combat. It isn't always a fight you can win! 🫶A safe and welcoming environment for neurodivergence, disabilities, and members of the LGBTQI+ community. 🕯️Dynamic lighting, atmospheric music, for all sessions that require battle maps. 👨🏻‍🏫A teacher of new players to any system I run! New players are always a delight to work and play with!


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