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🚵🏻‍♂️:6'0" // 36 // He/Him 🎲: The One Ring 2e, Isle of Ixx, Warlock!, Mutant Crawl Classics, Quest Hello there, traveler! It's me, DM Nors. I'm a fiction and TTRPG writer, cat dad, and avid soccer fan. I grew up acting in the theater, reading fantasy books (well, my parents read them to me until about halfway through high school: I'm dyslexic), and pretending I was Frodo hiding from orcs in the woods around my parents' house. My love of the written word has brought me to a love of all things Play-by-Post! If you love TTRPGs with deep narratives and exciting adventures but don't have the time to dedicate full sessions, PbP is the medium for you! As a fiction writer, I'm all about the narrative scope of a good TTRPG session. Like a short story or novel, every uncovered thread connects to a larger tapestry, if only your characters would follow it to its conclusion. That being said, I also have a love for Mutant Crawl Classics (a gonzo OSR with extremely lethal combat), so be prepared to use every ounce of courage and cleverness to triumph in battle. I have a list of published works both in fiction as well as game design for games like Quest and Warlock! I believe in real stakes for player-characters and enemies who look to kill as much as they look to run and save themselves from death. I love rules lite games that get out of the way of players creativity and let players be awesome without sacrificing the real stakes that come with a dangerous campaign and extreme adventures.

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What to expect: 🎞️"Be excellent to each other." ~ Bill S. Preston // Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure ~ 🎭Colorful NPC interactions, thorough descriptions, well written prose. 🧌Complex adversaries with desires and designs of their own. 🩸🗡️Dangerous combat. It isn't always a fight you can win! 🫶A safe and welcoming environment for neurodivergence, disabilities, and members of the LGBTQI+ community. 👨🏻‍🏫A teacher of new players to any system I run! New players are always a delight to work and play with!


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