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Hey there! Started playing D&D with the red booklet about 100 years go, took a long break then came back to GMing and playing in 2016. I'm a big fan of old dark dungeon, old style D&D where it takes an hour to end a fight then another 3 to decide how to divide the loot.. I offer: Official D&D 5e modules by WotC including - Dungeon of the Mad Mage - Curse of Strahd - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Tomb of the 9 Trickster Gods (Annihilation) - Light of Xaryxis - Dragons of Stormwreck Isle - Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen Are my favorites, I can offer others as well including Icewind Dale and Keys of the Golden Vault. I own all the WotC and all of Kobold Press books on Roll20 so when you play in 1 of my games you have access to spells, feats, subclasses, races, backrounds that you've never played before. I aim to what Matt Colville defines as "Heroic Tactical Cinematic Fantasy" but I do like the survival aspect of playing D&D 5e. For me it's all about the story that leads us - as collaborators of story telling - to that moment in which you roll the dice and get excited (or frustrated) at the result and the meaning we bring to it. Fighting a Dragon is awesome, but fighting a Dragon in it's lair, which is hidden in the mountains beyond the mist (or the misty mountains) inside an active volcano to which you can get if you convince the Dwarves to sell you the immunity to fire potion they got from the Troll who killed the Tiefling.... is much more interesting. There is a tactical aspect to the game, and there is also group tactic - you are required to communicate with the other characters in the party to increase your chances of surviving. Sounds like your type of TTRPG? Care to give it a go? Send me a friends request on discord please, if your answer is yes I'm "gmbear"

GM style

Mostly, my games are action based. There's a good story, good RP, deadly battle encounters.. In a session you will roll initiatives a few times, might drop unconscious (hopefully won't die), and will play your character and interact with the other characters, the npcs, the monsters and the setting, and the story. I'm a big fan of an open world, and players agency. I follow most of the rules as they are written, and have a few house rules. My players say I'm "kind and fair" and give them a good D&D experience, which is what they were looking for.

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