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About me

I discovered Dungeons & Dragons in the 1990s while in elementary school when I picked up a box with a painting of a knight fighting a dragon on a mountaintop on its cover, not knowing what was inside. I taught myself to run this game for a few school friends. Who knows if we played with the correct rules or not. Over the years I continued run and play D&D and I branched out into other roleplaying games. Over two decades later, I have run countless tabletop roleplaying game sessions, including a campaign that lasted for over 110 sessions completing its arc and many shorter ones. I’ve gained many great memories and stories from running games for friends, family and people I have met in stores and at conventions. I've run many games at the kitchen table, at local stores, at conventions and online and I always enjoy it. When I'm not running games I might be found playing piano, dancing or bringing people together to work towards a better world.

GM style

Goals 🧙‍♀️Make roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons easy and fun, whether it's your first game or your hundredth. 🎲For players to spend more time playing and less time preparing to play. ⛲Make roleplaying games affordable. Most games I run can be played with freely available rules or a single rulebook and free online tools. ⚔Enable players to discover what kind of games they like most by trying them. 🌈See players have adventures that reach satisfying conclusions. I try to make you feel like you are in a fictional world and that you can interact with it freely as you choose. I attempt to represent characters you encounter as if they are real people, or stranger beings, with their own lives. I want the world to feel real enough, no matter how fantastic, that you understand how to interact with it without worrying about rules. I love to see players discover the freedom that is unique to roleplaying games and I emphasize player choice in the games I run. I enjoy evoking an atmosphere, making up voices, acting, and surprising players. I enjoy many styles of play from deadly action and strange exploration to rich character development and lush world building, in separate games or in the same game. My favorite moments are when players pause to take in the amazing situation they find their character in and to consider the incredible choices before them. More about my game mastering: 🌌One of my strengths is in teaching new players to play, without assuming any prior knowledge and meeting them wherever they are at in their roleplaying path. I am patient and pace when I introduce rules so that players aren't overwhelmed. 🏰I draw on many traditions and ways of playing roleplaying games that have been popular at different points in the history of the hobby. 🖼I love art, music, history and stories from ancient to modern times. I take inspiration from these sources and often try to evoke them through gameplay. I can run games for birthdays and other parties, teach new players or game masters, run games for kids and families or clubs, and accept requests to run specific adventures. I’m honored to be a recipient of the 2022 Goodie Award presented by Goodman Games!

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