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GM Robin

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About me

I have been running games in D&D 5e for the last five years, running campaigns and one-shots, primarily private games for groups of friends and family. I run games in my own homebrew worlds, Forgotten Realms and Eberron. I have been experimenting with many technologies to enhance online play combining music bots, discord bots, roll20 API and FoundryVTT macro and API automations.

GM style

I love roleplay, and expect my players to show interest in playing their characters. While I do not expect everyone to talk in first person, it's important that players act in accordance with their PC's motivations. I give my players opportunity to explore detailed character backgrounds that tie in with the world they are playing in. I provide tailored quest hooks and the opportunity to go 'off the beaten track' in prewritten adventures. My character voices are OK with a selection of passable British regional accents and some fairly stereotypical european ones. My american accents are awful but that doesn't stop me trying. Your mileage may vary. I prefer to focus on NPC motivations and delivering information clearly over flashy voice work. I like to use tactical gridded combat with no flanking advantage. I love cinematic descriptions so long as it doesn't slow down combat. I prefer combat to move quickly and limit players to one minute per turn to keep the pace. I expect my players to know their PCs mechanics inside and out and be ready when their turn arrives. I make use of detailed battlemaps and player tokens, environmental effects and ambient sound and music to bring a scene or battle to life. I do not abide tardiness or no-shows and operate a zero tolerance policy.

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