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About me

My name is Logan (NeverSayDice on the internet), and I wear many hats. I've written and designed adventures for the Dungeon Masters Guild. I've streamed several TTRPGs on Twitch. I've dabbled here on StartPlaying, but I'm back and excited to run Call of Cthulhu. I've run goofy Scooby-Doo one-shots, gritty gaslamp campaigns, and everything in between. I've introduced most of my friends and family to TTRPGs, so I know how to work with newbies. My main goal is to craft a unique story for and with you, so I'm eager to sit at the table and get to work. Happy adventuring!

GM style

I love creating a detailed world and giving my players moments to shine, whether through interacting with NPCs, exploring the world, or epic fights. I enjoy tailoring my games to engage my players. I promote character growth and mechanical creativity in my games. To do that, I sprinkle some roleplaying in every encounter, asking questions about the characters, their thoughts, and their pasts. I usually lean toward a Theater-of-the-Mind style of play, preferring the ease of storytelling over finicky details. But if I'm running an epic fight, I'm not afraid to bust out a specialized map and tokens. One of my goals when running a game is mood. I specially select music, make landing and transition pages (loading screens, if you prefer), and tell the story as you would around a campfire. Even though I play online, I still like to dim the lights, light candles, and get in the zone. So, I hope you join me in this immersive experience!


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