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About me

I'm a writer on the DMs Guild, an experienced DM, and a certified creative writer! Being a professional DM is a passion of mine, and this platform gives me the means to share my love of collaborative storytelling. I'm a GM who's well-versed with one-shots and jumping right in with new players. I've run a variety of content and games, so I can adapt to whatever suits my players.

GM style

I love creating a detailed world and giving my players moments to shine, whether that's through interacting with NPCs, exploring the world, or epic fights. I enjoy tailoring my games to engage my players. I tend to promote character growth and mechanical creativity in my games. Therefore, I always sprinkle in a bit of roleplaying in every encounter, asking questions about the characters, their thoughts, and their pasts. I usually lean toward a Theater-of-the-Mind style of play, preferring the ease of storytelling over finicky details.


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