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About me

Call me Lake. I've been Game Mastering for over 25 years, and professionally on Roll20 for over 5 years. I'm looking for other experienced or patient players that are willing to invest in the kind of game they can't find anywhere else. I do my best to run inclusive, friendly games.

GM style

Things that I consider core to my style of play: * Player-driven narratives. I try to place players in the driver seat of fun and engaging stories. * Challenging Combat. Even in high-powered games like these, I like players to feel like they've earned their victories. * Engaging Roleplay. NPCs have personalities and motivations for their actions, giving players ample opportunity to express themselves and realize their fantasies. * Mystery and Intrigue. I try to build elaborate plots and subplots for players to uncover. I've been known to employ spy on spy action or xanatos gambits. * Modern design sensibility. The player experience comes first. Expect fewer dungeon crawls or traditional D&D adventures and more dynamic encounters that mean something to the broader story. Things that I consider not to be a part of my style: * Voices. I've got a few I can do, but generally this isn't a big part of my style. * Loot. I'm not terribly imaginative with loot, and I generally try to abstract it away when I can. * Comedy. I encourage players to have their fun, but the tone of my games are typically pretty serious. Don't expect a lot of jokes or silliness from me. * One-shots. I typically run long campaigns that require commitment from players. I do my best to match their commitment.

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