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About me

What I provide: A game that fits your group. A laid-back, friendly approach that welcomes new players. Organization, focus, and online tools to help you tell your story. My intro to d&d was three beige books in a little white box , in 1978. My first hobbit thief was trampled to death by a herd of were-elk. Despite that setback, I persevered and have been DMing, and occasionally playing, ever since. I launched in 2019 to GM professionally in person, just in time for the Great Plague to make that impossible. StartPlaying and online platforms came along at just the right time, allowing me to bring my games to people around the globe.

GM style

I like to create worlds, plots, and situations where even I don't know where they'll lead or how (or if) they'll be solved. I make myself familiar with the setting, so that when the players go off on an unexpected tangent, there's something there for them. I often have very diverse tables, with beginners or children alongside veteran players, and have worked with neurodivergent players to make the game easier and more comfortable for them. I make sure everyone gets time in the spotlight (up to their comfort level).


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