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Welcome all! My name is Gerik. I have been an avid tabletop player for nearly a decade. I got my start working for my local gaming store while in college. While there I taught players how to play TCGs like Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Force of Will. From there I discovered the plethora of other board games available and was often tasked with teaching these games to players young and old. Now, 9 years later, I utilize my background in education to provide an inclusive environment that is conducive to learning and fun. I have experience working with all age ranges from elementary school students to grown adults, so no group is excluded from learning the game with me. Playing with me, you'll find a collection of official Pathfinder 2e adventure paths, as well as original adventures set in the Pathfinder universe by both me and/or my co-GM Bren.

GM style

Utilizing maps that really immerse my players is a key priority of mine, so a lot of time is spent on this aspect of my games. You'll find beautiful and unique maps created by my co-GM rendered in 8K. Extra effort is also put into creating soundscapes that make the adventures you are in feel alive and authentic. I utilize premium asset libaries like Envato Elements to source my sound effects and music, as well as licensing music from creatives so I can give you a thematic experience. If I can't quite find the right sound, I'll mix something up in Adobe to make sure it fits just right. As an avid fan of strategy roleplaying games, I design my encounters to test the teamwork of my players. Pathfinder 2e is first and foremost a team game, and I strive to make your group feel challenged from 1-20. I have the most fun when players really get into character so my games highly encourage roleplay. You will find a welcoming environment to express yourself and bring that character to life. Voices and other quirks are highly encouraged.

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