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About me

I've been an improv comedian and voice-over artist for over 30 years and a Dungeons and Dragons player since I was 12. The thing is I like to keep things fun. You won't get overly pretentious lore dumps from me or old-school gatekeeping. I love sharing the fun of RPGs with everyone from kids to grown-ups, newbies to old-school folk like myself. I'm about play and all about the NPCs. I made a career as an actor out of the bit parts (you can even find me in the Hobbit - don't believe it? so I love bringing them to life in my RPGs. With me, you'll get fun, interesting colorful characters that take the heavy lifting off you so you can play your own way. Want to take a star turn? I'm down with that too. I like games that mix up role-play, combat and exploration. Not too big on puzzles though. Puzzles make my head hurt. I don't just play DnD - I've got a whole swag of games on my shelf that need to be played and I'll, hopefully, be sharing some of those too.

GM style

I love to play characters. Amusing and memorable NPCs are a specialty. But if you want fighting there will be fighting, and if you want to explore the world I love to describe it for you. I also love to let players shape the world they're in. If its a home-brew world I'm not precious, if its existing content - go for it! I love to create and find cool new things for my players, tokens, maps, SFX. For me RPGs are like LEGO of the mind - you make cool stuff up with bits and pieces of things here and there. If you're new to RPGs I"m all about making sure you'll become a lifelong fan. And if you're new to a group I love build parties - of players as well as their characters. One of the things I've enjoyed about my life in roleplaying is how people from all sorts of backgrounds come together to create something cool and new together.


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