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About me

I can't help myself when it comes to TTRPGs. I've played and been a GM in a few games while growing up, mostly DnD. The passion for it hit me hard back in 2019 though. Ever since I've been using it as a tool to escape the grind and let my players explore the depths of their imagination! As a GM I add a lot of importance to discussing with my players about their ideas, it's insanely important to make sure every character can explore whatever concept they had in mind. I work extra hard to tie every character's backstory to my campaign and make them feel impactful, don't be fooled though I will most likely swing curveballs at you in hopes of augmenting character development. I'm also open to making homebrew for you, as long as it's just a magical item, spell or a feat. All homebrew is at my own discretion as I balance it myself and make sure it makes sense with the world. I am available for discussions concerning this whenever you need me, so don't be shy. I seek to offer a safe space for everyone to play and I will take time to listen to whatever you have to say. I ask the same of anyone who sits at my table, please be mindful of letting others have their time to shine and enjoy the game their own way. I spend a lot of time working on beautiful custom maps, NPCs and imagery for my games so that you can feel positively immersed and it would be a shame if all that work went to waste because of player conflict.

GM style

I'm an avid maker of homebrew campaigns, it's all I bring to the table. If you sit down at my table you can expect to enjoy custom and unique settings that are largely tied to player backstories. I bring a silly and funny ambiance to the game, but don't be fooled, if you make ridiculous decisions you will have to face ridiculous situations! I don't hesitate to set a more serious and deadly tone when you stumble across something that requires it, which most of my players enjoy. When the look on my face changes and I ask you "Did you just open that door?", you will come to understand that things are about to get serious. Fair warning, you will often feel that your character is in danger and I will not prevent your character from dying if you happen upon a lethal situation. That being said, since creativity is a big part of the game for me, I will often allow use of the environment around you and let you poodle your noodle in search of ways to make it out alive! I bring fun voices, an immersive world, tons of laughs, deadly boss fights and strategic combat to the game. If you enjoy a DnD setting that largely encourages player creativity, becoming friends with your fellow players and creating a sense of comraderie, this is the place for you. All are accepted and no discrimination or rudeness will be tolerated.

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