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About me

"The Forever DM" After hearing that enough times, I started feeling bad for my DMs. Rightfully so, a lot of work goes into Dungeon Mastering and I thought "There is no way they are having fun not getting to play". I made it a goal that I would try and learn how to DM to repay the very DMs that allowed me to play at their tables for so long. Months of reading manuals and I had a vague understanding of what goes on, on the other side of the screen. Needless to say, I worked up the courage and finally asked them all to join. I was terrified of making a mistake with the judging eyes of my mentors surrounding me. The game began and within minutes I was a fish in water. I found out that for me GM'ing is just as much fun as playing and I have been doing it ever since. Around this same time I had a spinal issue and became bed ridden. I started losing my mind after I watched everything on Netflix multiple times. I learned I could still play D&D digitally. I had the Dndbeyond app to roll dice and the gm or a player would move my character on the screen. I can't tell you how much escaping into these fantasy worlds saved my sanity. I now had a glimmer of hope and I dove all in trying to master the game. Humbly, I do not think you can master the game, but I payed my dues to be called a Dungeon Master. Now, I offer you the expertise of a man who could do nothing else for years. Please join us at the table and imagine.

GM style

I run a serious and gritty combat/exploration with light hearted roleplay. My GM style is flexible in the sense that if I am running an official module I will have us all stay on track, so we may experience the module in a timely manner. However one shots and our own homebrew world is a completely different story. In this case, I will paint the scenery and the game will progress according to your parties interactions within it. I love a mix of new and veteran players. D&D may trigger you, if you have any triggers or things that really bother you please let me know in advance.

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