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About me

We're two NYC-based gamers each with more than 35 years of experience running D&D at game conventions, local bars, and private events! LET US TAKE YOU TO ADVENTURE! Colette and Matt met at his series of AD&D "Tomb of Horrors" Sunday brunches hosted at a Lovecraft-themed underground bar in Manhattan's Lower East Side. Previously, Matt developed the website, helped manage NYC D&D Meetups, and organized dozens of play events across New York City. In addition to Dungeons & Dragons (all editions), Matt has also run role-playing sessions for Call of Cthulhu, Traveller, Monte Cook's Cypher System, and many other TTRPGs. About Website: * Designed and developed for retailers' in-store play and demos. * Featured in published gaming and tutorials and promotional products. * Recognized among best-of-breed solutions for game event organizers.

GM style

Strongly driven by "yes and" improv, diverse styles of play, emotive role-playing, and rich visual handouts, my games tend to encourage players to make their own creative decisions and collaborate on problem-solving moments before everything goes horribly wrong, ending in tears and laughter.


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