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About me

Hello, my name is Jacob and I have been playing D&D for for nearly 10 years now , and Dming for nearly as long. I am currently dming campaigns for 2nd edition as well as 5e , but am always up for other game systems people may be interested in. I respond to requests! my games are all inclusive I am open to players of all walks of life and skill levels and will not tolerate any gatekeeping in my games, I want as many people enjoying and joining the D&D community 🎲 as possible! the first rule and most important one in all of my games is to have fun! the rule of cool 😎 is always in place. If the game is starting to feel boring or getting stale whats the point? On the other side of this people have fun when they are doing the things they feel comfortable with , I encourage roleplay but people should only go as far as they feel comfortable going. no pressure. If any of this sounds good please feel free to sign up for 1 of my upcoming games!

GM style

My goal in GMing is to create a endless world of imagination for the player, I want to create a space where they get lost for a few hours and truly are that character for a short time. exploring the underdark or perhaps traveling through the city of sharn in eberron or even exploring a homebrewed world foreign and full of surprise roleplaying is an important part of all of my games with tactical combat falling in a close second. I enjoy involving backstorys to creat dynamic scenes that pit the players in perilous predicaments with there most loved npcs family member and friend alike. More then anything I want to foster an environment where my players can grow there characters into whatever it is they have dreamed up for them.


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