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About me

I've been running games for six years and played over 40 different systems and settings! I'm a story-focused gamer who prioritizes making sure everyone has a good time while also being respectful of the game and *most importantly* each other. I use safety tools, I homebrew rulesets and plotlines, and I absolutely use the rule of cool. As a player, I'm big on character-based reactions, attempting voices, getting deep into backstory, fun battle scenes when the game has that structured in, and badass one-liners.

GM style

I love roleplay, but I don't force it on others if it makes them uncomfortable - everyone plays differently, but my NPCs will react to the way you talk to them. I'm very comfortable with battle, but also love having moments to incorporate player characters' backstories into the plot (which means I love getting extra info about your characters before we start). Whatever game we play, I will follow the ruleset until it gets in the way of a good time, and then I'll make adjustments. Two of my favorite games I've run recently included: 1. Two players who role played an argument between their characters over several sessions. 2. A group who threw my plot out the window and decided to make a cannibal restaurant in their home village and slowly promote cannibalism as a practical choice. Aka a more friendly Sweeney Todd scenario. I can do published games/stories with no problem, but if you want homebrew, I may need extra time to prepare, depending on how many players there are and what kind of game it is, so that you can have the most fleshed out experience possible! If you have a game you want to play that's not listed on my profile, let me know and I can absolutely learn it. I use safety tools and think it's *very* important to respect everyone's needs in the room.

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