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About me

Do you want your character to shine? Do you want to lose yourself in an epic story arc? Do you need supporting through your introduction to a new game system? Many years of experience, across multiple systems and a wide variety of players, means the games I host provide the answers to these questions. I had the classic start in the world of DnD more than 30 years ago, I began GMing (DMing in DnD speak) almost immediately and have developed my craft over that time. In between I have had a very successful career as a teacher and latterly a Principal, whilst recently, I have moved to southern Europe with my wife and two children. These foundations mean that I am able to dedicate myself to this role as a GM. I’m an easy going person, quick to smile or laugh with a huge passion for TTRPG. I care about my players experiences and the presentation of the scenario at hand. I have an eclectic taste in games, TV and fiction: Joe Abercrombie, Harry Dresden, John Le Carre, Doskvol, Dishonoured, John Carpenter, Robin Hobb, Murderbot, Mistborn and Akira. All of these influence me as a person, my storytelling and games choice.

GM style

Game Type Drama and excitment, action and character/NPC interaction. Games high in roleplay. My voices and textures bring NPCs to life. Great storylines and pacing. Environment Inclusive and safe environment that welcomes all to the table. Each player valued and included at each stage. I work with you to ensure you have the best experience. Running Games I balance the storyline with inclusive personal content based upon your character, their background or connections and your player style. Guaranteed laugh out loud moments. A good game to me means that you had a good time, found parts of the game that suit your playstyle, and go away with those vivid (almost cinematic) memories of the play session.


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