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About me

Ive been a tabletop gamer since the late 80s. Ive been running my own games from D&D to Stars Without Number and many things in between. I have a background in education and psychology and my recurring players kept telling me I should run games for a living. I have a big family so I understand the desire to play hours not the "traditional" 6pm on a weekend night. Because I love to teach, I have patience for those wanting to try out TTRPGs without feeling a little intimidated by veteran players. Drop me a line and let the shenanigans begin!

GM style

GM style really depends on the group. If I'm teaching new players, I tend to run "gently". If I have veteran players I pull fewer punches though I am always laid back. For me it's far more about the story and less about the dice. I prefer to have a good mix of action and combat and roleplay. My regular group of players knows to expect some house rules and that rules are a guide. Sometimes the moment calls for fast and loose and other times, the hard rules are critical. If my players aren't having fun then Im not doing something right.


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