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About me

I've been a dungeon master for over 20 years and a professional DM for two. I'm an architect but my true passion has always been Dungeons & Dragons, and my dream is to become a full-time pro DM. I'm extremely dedicated to my games and to my players, and I spend two hours of preparation for each hour of gameplay, on average. I love to create a complete experience, emphasizing the role play, the storytelling and the atmosphere building. I conceive of each scene as a challenge and the goal is to create an exciting and meaningful event at every interaction. I also think it's extremely important that the players feel they are in absolute control of their characters' choices and the direction the campaign is going. Even if we are playing an official module, that doesn't mean that you are stuck on a railroad, at all. If the worldbuilding is rich enough, all campaigns are sandbox. So if you are looking for thrilling adventures and astonishing challenges, join one of my games and prepare yourself for memorable game nights and all-time high fun!

GM style

I choose to DM pre-made campaigns because, otherwise, I would spend all my time writing the adventures and I wouldn't have time to create so many amazing details that take the adventure to a whole other level. I always rewrite a lot of the official campaigns adding much more interesting storylines and injecting depth and life into the character and the world. My worldbuilding is rich, coherent, intricate and exciting. My games have the highest production value. I always choose the most beautiful maps and images from the most praised professional artists for almost each scene, NPC and item (even for the least important of them). I use a great deal of resources available for Foundry, like dynamic lighting, immersive soundscapes and moving soundtracks. I delivery vivid descriptions for environments, characters, objects, actions and events. Exploring sounds, smells, temperatures, movements, emotions, nuances and whatever it takes to make you feel inside the game world. I give all I got to the roleplay. I'm not a professional actor, but I really do what I can to make each NPC memorable and unique. I create different voices, mannerisms, personalities and full backgrounds for even the supporting characters. And most of all, I understand that the game is yours and not mine. So all this preps are to create the ultimate sandbox, for your character to feel instigated to explore and absolutely free to choose your own path and make this fantasy world your own.

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