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About me

I am the son of an Old Guard D&D couple. Part of my childhood was the hobby, and I've experimented on and off again as the GM as I grew up. While I've had numerous games that fell apart in the early years, I've been able to make great campaigns for my friends in my adulthood. As I've learned more and more about the craft, I've come to realize that I've both come far and have much more to learn. Part of the reason people play in games run by professional GMs is that other players will have "skin in the game" and thus be more serious about the game. This goes both ways. I am committed to EARN your money. I will give this task my all. That being said, money isn't the only motivator. Nothing beats that feeling of hearing your players retell the stories of their heroes and the trials they faced. Leaving that sort of impact on people is worth more than a new graphics card or even getting out of minor debt. Now with introductions out of the way, let's go on an adventure.

GM style

My style is proving wrong the idea that combat-heavy games are low on roleplay. I enjoy combat, but not for its rules. I love depicting combat. I enjoy painting pictures of the chaotic mess of the brawl. Even when being short and sweet, I don't say, "You hit," but instead, "the shot connects." Many of my non-module campaigns are combat-heavy for this reason. You'll not face a group of coordinated bandits. You'll face the Blackwood Bandits, whose recruits will be quivering in fear, spears and shields shaking. One of them will turn their head to look back, only to get knocked on the head with a pommel from one of the cold-blooded deserters. The gesture and the following glare conveys "Probably die to them or certainly die to us." My sessions still have plenty of room for traditional roleplay. On average, I'm a 50-50 split on combat to roleplay, not counting the roleplay that happens before, during, or after combat. Combat needs to have meaning. There are only so many random encounters you can have before they stop depicting the world as dangerous or unpredictable and start getting in the way of the story. You can have an entire session dedicated to the hijinks your characters get up to on a train ride. The next session can be dedicated to getting your bearings in the new town you are in. Now that you have decompressed and got to know the place, you're now ready to investigate the threat this town faces starting in the session after that.

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