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DM Justin Scheman

1 year on StartPlaying

163 games hosted

Highly rated for: Voices, Creativity, Visual Aid

Average response time: 1 hour

Response rate: 100%

About me

Expect to learn to work as a team to solve the many tasks that await. Expect a lot of unique puzzles that will challenge you to think outside the box Expect to have the ability to truly explore the entire world, where your actions will have a direct impact on the landscape Expect a fair amount of challenging combat with active environments and creatures you HAVE NEVER fought before! Incredible opportunities to roleplay, explore and engage in battles that are always evolving! Play ANY RACE/CLASS combo you want, Re-skin and re"flavor" any weapons/abilities to make the character you always wanted to play. Optimized OP damage = OK Super Niche and Unoptimized = OK As long YOUR fun doesn't take away from the GROUPs fun then its fine. we will have an honest talk about what you hope to get from playing this character, then I know how I can "challenge" you I was a morning radio Co-Host/Executive Producer for 15 years and love to use those storytelling techniques to build a world you can see, hear, and smell. I like to use the latest technology to create an incredible experience for my players. I was on The Amazing Race with my wife and will occasionally have other reality stars from all sorts of shows join our games! Leave the real world behind for a few hours and come on an EPIC adventure with me, I promise it will be way more memorable than a movie night or another night at the bar! AVAILABLE FOR IN PERSON LIVE DM SESSIONS IN THE NY/NJ/PA/DE AREA Very aware to make sure ALL players feel safe and comfortable while playing.

GM style

You hide behind the jagged opening as you hear thundering footsteps echo off of the cave walls. You know it's too late to run. Not a soul is breathing. As the bass heavy thuds get closer... and closer ... then ... Silence. Something takes 2 long slow breaths as if it's tasting the air. :Sniiiiiiiiiiiiiff: :Sniiiiiiiiiiiiiff: " I can smell youuuuuuuuuu" and without any warning a giant spiked club comes swooshing around the corner slamming into the wall next to your face. The sheer force of the swing pushes you back 2 feet. ROLE FOR INTIATIVE ! I use proven story telling techniques to provide an experience you will want to talk about when you're done. Over 15 years in radio has given me a unique set of skills that translate extremely well to being a DM. I enjoy building the tension, by using pacing and and sound effects. I love doing voices and playing different characters. One of the best things to do is to help a new player enter the world of D&D with an experience they will remember for years to come! Available for private games, parties, conventions, campouts and team building events as well! Let's have some fun and roll some dice.


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