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About me

Hello my sweet child, come into my hovel for some tea and we shall embark upon mystic worlds untold. As your guide, friend, enemy and lover I shall do my utmost to ensure a safe adventure, for you at least, no promises for your characters. I work a lot with horror themed campaigns but do my best to ensure that we do not touch on any sensitive, triggering or otherwise undesired material. So take a seat, grab your math rocks and let us begin.

GM style

Starting from the beginning I want to ensure a safe space to explore large ranges of emotion. I gather any triggers, sensitive subjects or otherwise to try and make as inclusive an environment as possible. Starting from the low levels I like to foster a strong sense of Roleplay, the early quests I try to modify or build them to give you time to explore the world without being squished. I do my best to create fun, interesting and memorable NPC's. For combat I am strict that when it's your turn you are the one playing and other people can't try to influence you, but taking time in or out of game to strategize with you on how best to maximize use of your skills (ie pairing a rogue with a fighter to ensure both always have advantage on attacks and the rogue then always has their sneak attack damage) is a big part of what I love doing. I really like working not just with my players but also with the characters you've built. I love quirks like a strong wizard or a smart barbarian and how that can influence the game.


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