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About me

I love stories and always have. It is about finding out what happens and not knowing what happens on the next page. That is what I Love about RPGs. Every dice roll is a turn of the page which no one is always 100% prepared for. As I review what brought me to Gming I first must look back when I was a kid. I would play with my friends as best would be described as LARPing and we create our own worlds and adventures. We would create back stories for our characters. We would debate over which was the best magic and go one adventures. (One of my friends is still working on a book based on some of those characters, time will tell if we ever get to see it haha) In high school I got involved in Drama and speech competitions. I would be multiple characters in different contests and plays. These ranged from humor to serious drama. Later in life I participated in and later ran an Improv Comedy group. Coming up with thing on the spot and adding to the story is something I love to do. It always makes the games better. While doing all of the above I fostered a growing love of tabletop games, that ranged from board games, to card games and ended with table top wargames. Gotta love those minis and painting. I found a love creating campaigns and a background to why the battles are happening on the tables in front of us. Let’s roll the dice and see what stories we can create together.

GM style

In RPGs I lean heavy into the story with roleplaying. The printed manuals are a skeleton for us the Players and GM to work together to build the muscles, and flesh that is the story. I love puzzles and mysteries where you must put the pieces together but also understand that the game has to keep moving so you will never be stuck on a puzzle for too long. I take the rule sets for the different games the same way. Does it make sense narratively, and if it does not that’s ok. I am flexible and as players missed rules are ok, they happen. At the end of the day, we are building a world together and crafting a story. In my mind the GM is not a god of the world we are playing in, but a working partner with the players to create something we all can enjoy.


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