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DM Liz (she/her)

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About me

Hello Friends! I've been professionally DMing a variety of D&D campaigns for over a year and I want YOU at my table! I have a background in theatre, improv and performing arts education. I love creativity, inclusivity and storytelling - but don't worry, I run mean combats and dungeons as well! Whether you want a 101 crash course in character creation and gameplay, a one or two-shot for a special occasion, a short campaign for 2-7 players, or a full fledged ongoing campaign, I've got you covered! My table is a fun, inclusive and safe place to kick down some doors, fight some monsters, and tell a great story. If you're new to D&D but want to learn, I have a lot of experience teaching new players and am ready to help you grow! If you're a veteran player, I can build you a challenging and rewarding experience to test your skills! As far as content and settings, I can run anything from classic D&D adventures (Curse of Strahd, Rime of the Frostmaiden, Waterdeep, etc.) to homebrewing something custom in your favorite D&D setting, or other fandoms and genres (Eberron, Wildemount, Feywild, Disney, steampunk, sci-fi, wild west, etc.). Feel free to reach out with any questions - I look forward to playing with you!

GM style

** My table is welcome to players of all backgrounds and levels of experience** ** Extensive experience in accessibility for neurodivergent players and players with vision and/or hearing impairment** My GM style is founded on telling a great story and making sure all my players get chances to shine! Whether your strength is character development and roleplay, problemsolving and puzzles, or challenging combat encounters - I'm here to curate an excellent adventure! I base my games on a balance of combat and roleplaying, as well as a variety of encounter styles, but I am more interested in tailoring the experience to the wants and needs of my players and their party dynamic. Thanks to my performing arts background (Bachelor's in Theatre, and 15+years in the industry) I excel at worldbuilding, story arcs and lore, character voices and improvisation. I use a combination of Zoom, D&D Beyond, Owlbear Rodeo (accessible digital combat tool), Theatre of the Mind, and digital or real dice (player's preference) to make gameplay as smooth and accessible as possible!


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