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About me

Born at a very young age, I was marked from my youth, cursed to be sired by a "Role-player". My destiny was sealed that fateful day. For years, this passion lay dormant, until my foolish brother, having unearthed the tomes hidden in our home, began... to play. He hosted a game on my birthday, allowing me to invite a friend to play the legendary "Sunless Citadel". The day I met Meepo the Kobold, I knew this was my calling. For over 20 years now, I have honed my body and mind to perfect the art of TTRPG. While others studied the blade, I read the monster manual. While some played sports, I learned the the formulas necessary to calculate ability scores and spell slots. If you need a guide to the other side of that magical door that is immersive roleplaying, I hope to assist in this, the most honorable of goals. To me, TTRPGs have always represented a unique opportunity to explore powerful situations and emotions that our lives might not otherwise present the opportunity to explore. It can be a powerful emotional tool in difficult times in life, and it can be a great way to just hang out with some buds and have low-stakes, goofy fun. Both are good, and both are valid. I strive to create a fun and inclusive space for anybody interested in the hobby, regardless of background or skill level. Roleplaying means a lot of different things to different people, but diversity is what makes it fun!

GM style

I prefer a style of games that focuses on compelling narrative that is achieved by player and GM contributions. Handing over creative control to players is, sometimes, a scary thing, but often results in the most incredible of invention that feel more like a team effort than a story designed and run by one. So, come prepared to answer questions and get creative!

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