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About me

I have been consistently running reasonably priced weekly D&D 5E sessions (all set in the 5th Age multiverse shared setting) for over 3 years now. In each game, the players' characters drive the story, and experience the 5th Age universe shared by all my groups at a time where momentous events are occurring. Their actions can resonate and change the events around them, as well as affect what the other groups may be exposed to. I maintain a detailed rules wiki to make sure that all characters' action resolutions are resolved the same way. The home rules we use emphasize grits, tactics and a bit of medieval realism . There is no better feelings than those of players overcoming challenges together with creative solutions done within the rules and that will generate shared moments they will remember forever! In all these games, I want my players to build up their characters to reach level 20 and beyond and make their name as famous as those of Drizzt, Catti-Brie, Tasha, Elminster or Bryce Feelid! The 5th Age awaits for a new generation of heroes!

GM style

Gritty, tactical and realistic role play. PLEASE READ! A player can not contact me the same day of a session and expect to play in that session. This is partly by respect to the other paying players who did not pay for me onboarding a new player during their gaming time, and by respect for the story as the conditions for meeting a new character need to be reasonably acceptable based on where the group currently is. This "Meet" will be part of all the characters' story, and I value its circumstances more than making a bit more money from one game session. If you are looking for a one-off game, this is not the right place. I am running long haul games , in open-world setting. There is no "official campaign" with a BBEG fight at the end, but a living universe where each elements of the official content has found a place, and where each group decides where they want their own story to go. If you join a group you will become part of the fate and contribute to the achievements of the group you join. We welcome all experience level, but require the long term commitment. So as you have now read above, I am not adding or removing characters out of nowhere, in moments and place that would not make sense to the story. I like immersing players in a lot of details and making the world around them feel alive. All checks are open, and there is no railroading toward any particular outcome. How the story of the worlds is affected by the players is up to them, and the results of the dice. I am an adjudicator DM when it comes to running combat. Read more about my DMing style in my online introduction I do not do refunds if a player misses a session and failed to use the skip session option on their player's dashboard. This said, there will be no charge if I have to cancel a session.

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