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About me

Hi there! My name is Josh, but I'm known in DnD spaces as DM ganof. DnD is the hobby that has brought the most joy to my life and I am passionate about sharing the hobby with as many people as I can. I believe that DnD is the most fun when the world feels alive and the players' actions radically change and shape the world that their characters inhabit. I strive to create games filled with exciting worlds to explore, dynamic tactical combats, and compelling and memorable characters to interact with. Come join me as we create fantastic stories together!

GM style

As a DM I love to create worlds that feel alive as the players' actions impact the world around them. I love populating the world with unique and interesting characters and roleplaying those interactions. I often give characters their own voice that fits their personality as a way to make the game feel more immersive. My games are usually run in Foundry, a virtual tabletop that handles the grid, character sheets, and maps. I spend a great deal of time setting it up to have beautiful maps with dynamic lighting, fun animations, and helpful automations to make the game run more smoothly. I enjoy running tactical combats that give the players a challenge and chance to show off their skills. As much as possible I like to include interesting locations and alternative winning conditions to reward good decision making and creative thinking. In and out of combat my ruling are mostly following the rules as written. There will be some room for creative bending of the rules if the situation is cool and creative enough! Homebrew rulings are fairly minor and will be clearly communicated in advance as much as possible. I love to help you create a character that is deeply connected to the world. Whether your backstory is a loose paragraph or a long epic, I love working with you to have connections and stakes in the setting and personalized goals that drive your character forwards. The collaborative storytelling and long term character arcs in TTRGs are truly unique and wonderful and I want to see every player at my table get to experience it! Above all, my desire as a DM is to make sure that everyone at the table is having a great time. As such my style, tone, and methods will shift to better serve the needs and desires of the particular players and campaign. I value strong communication to maximize fun and minimize conflict. I aim to foster a space that is inclusive and inviting to all.

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