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Hi! I am GM Dargov, also known as Rob. Like a lot of GMs on the site, I have had an enormous passion for role-playing games and D&D in particular for... a very long time! My first experience of D&D was picking up the Rules Cyclopedia in a small bookstore in rural Canada- I don't even know what edition that was! As a GM, I run my game very much straight down the middle. They remain challenging without become too deadly, and while my rule calling is fairly generous, this applies to both players and monsters. I allow a free feat at character creation of 5e and use free archetype in Pathfinder 2e. This gives me the freedom to run some extra "deadly" battles, but gives the players that little bit of extra omph. I am very hot on game balance- on my Discord server you'll find a few tweaks to classes and subclasses that I feel slipped through the net, such as Twlight Clerics, Moon Druids(early game) and Echo Knights. I am venturing into the world of publishing my own adventures, and my Monday night game is the playtest for my soon to be released adventure module, Wrath of the Elements! I started GMing on SPG just over a year ago now, and I run 4 games each weekand have run over 300 paid games! That's a lot of dice rolls!

GM style

My preferred style of games is taking an existing resource/module and modifying it to improve and personalise the content. I love a sandbox adventure, but I find that the published modules help keep people on track. - I see the GM's role as a storyteller, impartial arbiter of the world, and a host. - I tend to err on the generous side to both players and monsters. Expect more magic items and monsters with extra HP and tweaked abilities. - Where rules are either ambiguous or non-sensical, I like to allow the logical and cinematic. eg. Magical Missiles can be fired at objects, fire spells ignite flammables, and cold spells freeze water- even if the spell description doesn't say they will. -I have a lot of fun with my NPC's voices.

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