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Hi! I am GM Dargov, also known as Rob. Like a lot of GMs on the site, I have had an enormous passion for role-playing games and D&D in particular for... a very long time! My first experience of D&D was picking up the Rules Cyclopedia in a small bookstore in rural Canada- I don't even know what edition that was! I started GMing on SPG just over a year ago now, and I run 4 games each week. My profile tells me I'm just closing in on 200 paid games!

GM style

My preferred style of games is taking an existing resource/module and modifying it to improve and personalise the content. I love a sandbox adventure, but I find that the published modules help keep people on track. - I see the GM's role as a storyteller, impartial arbiter of the world, and a host. - I tend to err on the generous side to both players and monsters. Expect more magic items and monsters with extra HP and tweaked abilities. - Where rules are either ambiguous or non-sensical, I like to allow the logical and cinematic. eg. Magical Missiles can be fired at objects, fire spells ignite flammables, and cold spells freeze water- even if the spell description doesn't say they will. -I have a lot of fun with my NPC's voices.

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