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About me

I love having adventures and meeting new people. I prioritize cultivating a friendly table where everyone has fun. Whatever your experience level is, you'll find my table to be a fun, engaging experience. In some of my previous campaigns, my players have played strip poker with a demon, helped a dragon sell his poop for magical fertilizer, and broken a mage out of a secret prison. (Wait, was the party the bad guys in that last one?) I support content from independent creators such as DMDave, Tom Cartos, Humperdink's Wares, and more. This gives me access to a wide variety of maps and adventures that aren't being run at every table. As a former teacher, I'm used to helping ease people through the basics as they're learning, and as an (amateur) writer, I'm used to creating narratives to keep the party on their toes. I also enjoy running more standard campaigns and bringing my own polish to them. I have 5 years of experience playing D&D, and almost 2 years of experience as a DM. Campaigns for beginners may be a bit more straight-forward as you master the basics, but don't worry that won't last long!

GM style

More than anything, I put my players first at my table and allow everyone a chance to feel valued and included. I love to provide my players with a mix of combat and role-play with many situations the party *may* be able to talk their way out of (or NOT). Player actions should have consequences, but the game is meant to be both fun and fair. Although definitely not a professional actor, I'm willing to shamelessly try to give my NPCs different voices and personalities (Although in practice, I may end up recycling the same four or so more than I'd like...)

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