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About me

Hello adventurers! I go by many names, Lunga, GA, Hakkai Lord, to name some. I am a Youtube streamer, indie author and indie comic writer with my fantasy novel and 2 issues of my comic series funded and published through Kickstarter. I first started playing D&D back in ye olde times in the late 80s early 90s (yes I am about the age of the kids in Stranger Things lol). Then adulthood hit and the gaming ended. However recently, thanks to some new friends and the internet I began playing once again! Two years ago I began DMing for the first time, streaming what is known as "The Council of 6" campaigns, starting with a homebrew loosely based on my novel. That campaign is STILL going to this day. I also started a second campaign under the Co6 banner, using the D&D module Hoard of the Dragon Queen and that campaign has been going on for 6 months. Now I would like to bring some small short one shots/campaigns to this platform and offer my services as a DM.

GM style

To see for yourself, you can watch some of my sessions here: If you are looking for a rules encyclopedia DM who knows all the classes and spells off the top of their head, that is not me. Memory retention is difficult for me on things I do not use myself on a daily or regular basis. I have to look up many things or ask the player "what does that spell do again?" However, what I do concentrate on and enjoy is making sure players have fun in a safe environment for ALL and telling a good story. I homebrew a lot, and while there are many rules that I do not allow breaking, there are just as many I bend or ignore completely for the sake of fun, a good session, and the use of imagination by my players. I feel my strengths lie in making players feel welcome, quick adjustments due to unexpected events, setting up an intriguing storyline, and colorful NPCs. I am of the firm belief that the DM is also a player, not just a judge and number cruncher. I do stream my games, so if you are shy or do not like yourself being seen online that is something to consider. I use a browser-based video conferencing program called VDO, which works similar to Skype and is easy to use and understand.


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