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About me

I started playing ttrpgs with my family when I was only eleven, it was for me the perfect complement for my love for fantasy, scifi and literature in general. It called to me mostly for the possibility of creating collaborative stories with the elements that made love fiction. It didn´t take long for me to start to DM for my friends, that was 20 years ago, and from then on I found that I preferred to be the DM than to be a player, because it allowed me to guide the players to live the type of stories that I loved the most, stories focused on character development, on their stories, their feeling and their ideals. During those 20 years, I had the privilege of narrate long campaigns of up to three years, and is still today that many of my players fondly remember the depth of the connection they had with their characters, and now refer tales of those campaigns as if they were memories of their own youth. That´s the reason I prefer games like World of Darkness and other games where you can explore concepts like redemption, morality, honor, and the figure of the modern hero. I prefer those games because want to focus, not only in the conflicts between light and darkness, but on the tales of struggle of the people that inhabit the gray spaces in between light and darkness.

GM style

I like to focus my games on character development and their relation with the world I create for them. I want players to have the chance to be part of a collaborative tale. A real shared narration, not a railroad, but a story that despite having a defined plot, leaves room for the players to bring new elements into the story. Is for this that with each new group, I like to take the time to learn what they want from the campaign and those things that they would prefer to avoid. So I can give them a personalized campaign, tailor-made with the tropes and themes they proposed. A characteristic of all my campaigns is the time I take with each player, before the beginning of the story, to create a rich and complex background for each character. To foment a deeper relationship between the player and their character, and to latter use for creating situations based on their background throughout the game. The same care for backgrounds, also applies to my NPC. In my games you will not find one-dimensional characters: the Malkavian who is simply insane, the typical sullen gangrel with no social skills, nor a violent brujah without a hint of political consciousness. All the NPCs in my games have their own backgrounds, drives, and personalities that will guide their actions both on-screen and off-screen.

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