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Dric T. Game Master for over 6+ years with a focus on running D&D5e. My hobbies are related to creative arts and imaginative pursuit, as well as refining the game experience for each player at my table. I offer a tailor-made experience that seeks to immerse the player in each game, even if each character's story is not weaved into the plot each session but across the entire campaign. Every theme and every scope from science fiction, to sci fantasy, to the spectrum of fantasy is under my purview, and all of them exist as a creative outlet I enjoy writing for. It is said as humans, we tell stories for a multitude of reasons---to make sense of a world that is terrifying and enormous, to make sense of what is reality and what is fiction, or to condense the experience of humanity---so let us see which story *you* would like to tell?

GM style

When we play, know you make a friend for life, within the game and outside of it as well. I am not your therapist but I can be a digital shoulder to lean on. D&D first came to me during the middling years of my Highschool melancholy. I was always a fan of the Board Gaming sphere but never had many people to play with, cherishing the few times I enjoyed monopoly or fantasizing about great games and stories I watched on the television. When I found people through D&D I learned of its majesty and the tabletop gaming sphere has been my home ever since. Across the years I have fined and honed my Game Mastery, absorbing all knowledge I could find and tweaking the game via homebrew I approved and created myself. I have since learned that D&D5e is not the perfect system, but changes to its mechanics or add-ons allows me great flexibility to hone it into a much greater product than what was initially realized. My philosophy for game design is as followed: if it is unbalanced then it is fun, but it should be something that is an available option, not the only superior option. It should also be one the player doesn't feel like was a waste of an action, even if this isn't fully accomplished through all my homebrew designs, that is just how the cookie crumbles unfortunately. I am also on the Spectrum though it is self-identified for the time being as Mental Health support in the U.S. is a bit of a joke at the moment. My neurodivergent nature has always been in the way of making friends, but through TTRPGs I have a conduit through which I've made myself better at conversing and talking, even though it comes in the form of Game Master infodumping. Due to this, I understand and wish to accommodate all players at my table, and make sure everyone has a voice to be heard even if they didn't intend to speak. For me during a Session especially, silence is deafening. There is no one person I do not accept at my table, whether young or old, just do not be very disruptive or rude and we'll get along swimmingly. I know I'm not perfect, nor do I ever strive to be perfect, I strive to provide the best, and sometimes the best is all you need. Yes. Here's a list of what you need to know: πŸ† We are playing a cooperative story-based game, regardless of the outcome we are all winners or losers. πŸ‘‘ Your characters are important to me as they are the major actors in the game world. The plot is determined by how you will react. 🎫 Leave everything from the world and IRL outside of game time. No talk for politics, external issues, or subjects of controversy. There is space to talk about the terrible day you've had, or how exhausted you may be this week, but we've all come together to play. 🎲 It is a game first and foremost, and things that happen in it will not effect you (that much in real life), so there is no need to take it extremely seriously. We have a nonverbal agreement for whatever happens, happens, and you will respect my call as a GM as much as I will respect your agency and choices. 🎭 Roleplay, Drama, and Character Arcs / the Narrative is pushed forward as each Character speaks. This is a game about Conflict even down to conflict of interest potentially, but not without negotiation or compromise. πŸ”ͺ🩸Combat does not happen without risk. βš” If a character reasonably isn't going to die in this battle, or some means of victory isn't hard to grasp, it can be glossed over. 🎁 You pay to play and support my endeavors, which feeds into acquiring better assets for both the game and other creators. 🦺 We play in a safe environment, with content only approved by each player at the table. πŸ’― I take time out of my schedule to prepare the best for you, so it's only expected you can handle some homework or legwork to prepare your characters. πŸ’¬ Anything else not mentioned can just be discussed with me or your fellow players. Remember the easiest solution is to just hash it out. πŸ“œ There is only so much I can tell you or write here, you will just have to experience the rest~ Welcome to my table... My Facebook links to my Ko-Fi as long as StartPlaying is happy with that, I do not accept payment through Ko-Fi regarding sessions. My Instagram links to my Roll20 account so you can check all my hours from accidentally leaving Roll20 open.


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