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About me

Hi! My name is Elijah and I've been running tabletop RPGs for the past nine years. Most of my experience is with Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder, but I have run Blades in the Dark, and played in Shadowrun, Fiasco and many others. My current home game has been running for five years straight (we are on our third campaign) and I'm excited to see what fresh chaos they bring to the next session. As a GM, I prefer games with a decent split of roleplaying and tactics. I'm always interested in what goals a party wants to achieve, but that the game is only fun when there's a bit of opposition. As far as game balance, I try to make sure that players know what situation they are getting themselves into (especially because they, most times, end up going anyway) as I think it is important for players to take ownership of the dangers they face. Yes, some NPCs will prod characters into action, but it has to be the players who choose to adventure. Beyond gaming, I love fantasy and science fiction movies and books as well as genre-facing and genre-bending things. My current favorite films are EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE, HOT FUZZ and CLUE and I'm currently reading THE STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE by Brandon Sanderson and JADE WAR by Fonda Lee. I hope you're looking for an adventure because I've got a few ready to play in my head. I can't wait to hang out.

GM style

I like a healthy mix of both roleplay and tactics, depending on the session. I love introducing new and interesting NPCs, but I also love a great boss battle. My background is in theater and acting, so I love doing voices, but I've also been writing stories since I was little so creating an interesting and dramatic world always appeals to me.

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