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I love fantasy. Novels, movies, video games, but especially ttrpg's. I have played many different versions and genres of them over the last 3 decades but now I'm into Pathfinder 2E. I have amassed a decent collection of resources on roll20 and would like to share my time, resources and love of collaborative story telling with others of like mind. I would like to do a sandbox style game mainly in the Mwangi jungle of Golarion but I am also open to discussions about adventure paths with a group that desires that. I don't profess to be the best Dungeon master out here, that would be ridiculous. I can say that I will be available and prepared when I say I will be and will strive to be fair, inclusive, and above all fun. Be warned that there will potentially be "adult" humor but it will hopefully be tactful and playful and if it ever gets uncomfortable for anyone I will see to it that it is stopped and dealt with appropriately. It is after all a game and we all deserve to be having fun or what is the point. A little about me I am a 45 year old male from British Columbia, Canada. I started playing when I was 13ish. Growing up in a really small town gaming really helped stave of many hours of boredom. My 3 kids are out of the house, my wife likes when I'm gaming (I'm out of her hair then), and I work a 4 on 4 off schedule so I am available lots but not always on the same day, as my days off rotate. My playstyle is exploration and combat with as much roleplaying as you want to put into it. I love a good backstory to play off of and although I'm not a super trained talented rp master who does a million voices I try to get as immersive as I can and am willing to use tools to enhance the experience where I can. If you made it this far and are interested at all please join me in a grand adventure of hopefully epic proportions.

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Love combat, exploration, a good backstory to play off of and however much roleplay a group wants to do.

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