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About me

My name is Frae, but I am often called Dr. Moosejaw as my gaming name/handle. My background is in theatre acting but I am now an engineer. But, once a nerd will always stay a nerd, and with TTRPG, I have combined my love for acting and high fantasy. I have played Dungeons and Dragons from 3.5e to 4e to 5e. And I fell in love with the simplistic nature of 5e. I have played D&D for over 10 years but I have started my role as a DM in 2018 and haven't stopped since then. My style employs a lot of visuals, so expect a lot of pictures, vibrant mapping, and vibrant characters in your adventures. I also emphasize the importance of music to build tension and atmosphere. I love to create a world where everyone playing feels included and each decision that they make matters to not only the world but to the people around them. In terms of mechanics, I love to give freedom to my players, the rulebook is more of a guideline to me than it is the law. With more experienced players I have a lot of homebrew rules to make gameplay a lot more fluid, but I tend to stay with the basics for beginners. I have DM-ed for players at any level of experience and even bringing complete beginners to love the game and what it has to offer. I also would like to say that if you're paying for a DM, you're expecting a higher standard. I love to have fun but I will behave professionally and will tend to each player as a professional DM. Whether you are new to D&D, an old timer, or that forever DM that wants to try their funky character concepts, if you're looking for a campaign that brings your character to life, join me in this adventure.

GM style

My style depends on the players. I will always have a session 0, to build your characters and hash out details and to get to know my players to tune my DM-ing towards my players. I try my best to differentiate character voices and make everything come to life. I believe it is important for every player to feel good about their characters and to feel important in their role.

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