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Hi Everyone, I am a 49 years old long time D&D forever DM, I've been DMing for the last 30 years. I've started my D&D journey with make you own story book. My favorite author back then was Ian Livingston. Quickly after that, I discovered 2nd AD&D and that was it for me, I was hook. I immediately start making my own world. I can run four system, 2ed AD&D, 5th edition, Call of Cthulhu 7th and Pathfinder 2ed. All my games are run in Foundry hosted on The Forge Here are all the adventure I can run right now: - Beginner's box - PF2E - Abomination Vaults - PF2e - Tomb of annihilation -5th - We be Goblins -5th - The Haunt 1 and 2 -5th - Storm King Thunder -5th - Lost Mine of Phandelver -5th - Waterdeep - Dragon Heist -5th - Waterdeep - Dungeon of the Mad Mage -5th - Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden -5th - Curse of Strahd -5th - Adventure in Ravenloft Domains -5th - Tale of the Yawning Portal -5th Against the Giants Dead in Thay Forge of Fury Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan Sunless Citadel Tomb of Horrors White Plume Mountain - The Red Opera -5th - Dungeons of Drakkenheim (Dungeons Dude) -5th - Farun's Run (first homebrew short campaign) -2nd AD&D and 5th - The Drow Trilogy -5th 01-Troubles in Winterhold 02-Find the Lost Expedition 03-The Spider Queen’s Ritual - Adventure into the Plane of FIre and The City of Brass -5th - Mask of Nyarlathotep (Call of Cthulhu system) - Horror on the Orient Express (Call of Cthulhu system) - Several one shot from Call of Cthulhu system - Homebrew campaign from the World named BlackStrum (own world) -2nd AD&D and 5th - Homebrew campaign from the World named The Isles of Moray (own -2nd AD&D and 5thworld) - Homebrew campaign from the World named Cor Meum (own world) -2nd AD&D and 5th

GM style

Roleplay is the main attraction for me in D&D and CoC. While I can do highly tactical combat, the role play aspect is what tickles me. I see the game as a cooperation between the players and the GM, both have an important role to ensure a great experience. As a Gm, I listen to what the players want. I can run one game with minimal role play and another with high level of it, it always depends on the group. As far as house rule goes, I do have some, but they are always discuss and voted on before we start the game. I do not impose things much on players, after all, they are there to have fun. As far as expectations, I simply ask for everyone to be polite, not rude, respect your fellow players and have a good time. If all follow these simple rule, everyone will have a good time. That being said, I have removed players from my games before and I won't hesitate to do it again if they are disruptive, it's a game and everyone should have a good time. Happy Crit to all you of you!! :-) BlackStrum

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