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I am a GM with 30 years of experience running games. I am a writer and artist, and the creator of the Arcanum Syndicate as well as the tabletop RPGs that are published by that company, such as Demon Gate the dark fantasy tabletop RPG and Chaos 6010 A.D. which is dark future. I have been running games for a long time and love doing it. I still run at least two games a week and have been running for a podcast called Blades and Blasters. They have over 1500 subscribers at the moment and run many different systems every month. I really enjoy running 50/50 games for the most part, that is 50% roleplaying and 50% combat. If there is a lot of good roleplaying going on though and the players are having a great time doing that then I will let them roll with it. I am an open minded GM and will allow a discussion of a rule to change my mind if we can all see something as valid or if something makes sense then let us roll with it. The games are all about having fun and telling great stories while doing so. I enjoy dark games with a more serious tone usually. Too much joking around can really impede a game especially when someone wants to be immersed in a story. Yet that doesn't mean that there is no time for laughter. I enjoy primarily running my own systems. They were designed over 10 years of playing and sharpening the rules designed for the most fun of play as I have seen fit. Everyone has different tastes of course. My systems are described on my website at

GM style

I love the roleplay, I always try to use different voices to distinguish from different characters. If you can give a character a tic, a saying that they use all the time or some mannerism that makes them unique it is easier for them to be remembered. I do not mind a little crunch in the games at all. In my own systems I am usually quick with it and create macros that help make the game very easy to play, with the push of a button to roll your dice and configure your results. I usually like 50% Combat and 50% roleplay, but if the roleplay is thick due to great player interactions then I love to have more RP to build the story. I am a very fair GM as far as rules go and I am willing to listen to any concerns over a rule. However once a rule has been governed it is finished and we move on. Character death is a real threat and the threat of death should be in the game in my opinion. Especially for those who are looking for trouble, there are sometimes consequences for actions. However, I do like to let random things happen and to not be in total control of every event that goes on. I love to use random tables if a random encounter happens. This way not even I know what an entire story will entail. I usually spend a great deal of time designing my games because I want players to really be immersed in the world and have fun making great stories together. I usually use discord for voice chat and Roll20 for the game platform. There is no need for video to see each other. I feel like it makes some people nervous when they game and less likely to attempt voices for their characters. However if I have a game with a group that enjoys having the cams on I am not opposed to it at all. I use music and sound effects for ambiance and lots of art for visual interpretations of surroundings. I also use tokens, dynamic lighting, api scripts such as torch to make it feel like you are walking in the darkness. I like using the aura api for blood spatter that allows players to witness how wounded a player or NPC is. I am currently a content creator on Roll20 marketplace and love all the great tools and visual aids that the hobby provides. I look forward to possibly gaming with you.

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