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Hello and thank you for taking a peek at my profile! My name is Colton and I'm a passionate fan of storytelling, improv and roleplaying games. I started DMing games for 5th edition D&D when it came out back in 2014 and have loved the system, quirks and all, ever since. Growing up as a theater and comedy kid, it's the storytelling aspect of the game that I'm most drawn to. I love to weave compelling and unique narratives with my players and typically begin campaigns with thorough one-on-one character creations so I can best tie each player's ideas into the fabric of the overall story. If you love acting, dramatic plots, and yes quite a bit of monster slaying, then I hope you'll find a comfortable spot at my virtual table.

GM style

For me it's all about the story, baby! But that can mean a lot of things, especially in a system like 5e, which is what I predominantly run. D&D is a game system that encourages hard mechanical rules and combat far above roleplay and narrative, so it's important to strike a neat balance between these pillars of the game. I want the players to be able to construct fun and exciting characters and know they'll have the opportunity to utilize all their abilities, whether they're better suited for combat, socialization, or even exploration, which I've fine-tuned in my games to be more rewarding and mechanically streamlined. My games are LGBT+ friendly! Half my dang NPCs are gay, players are welcome to explore trans and genderqueer characters, and homophobia is not a thing in the worlds I create! We deal with enough of that junk in real life, why on Earth would I want it in my fantasy, right? I also deeply value player safety at the table, especially since my primary campaign setting here is horror-centric. I'm new to utilizing standardized safety tools at the table, but I'm dedicated to learning the ropes and ensuring, through session zeros, cards and otherwise, that all my players are comfortable with the subject matter of each game I run.

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