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Fred L.-Another GM of Consequences

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About me

I've been into RPGs of some kind for 30 odd years, with experience playing and running Dungeons and Dragons across three of the last four editions, assuming various Vampire, Werewolf, and Mage personas during the Apocalypse (and running a truly epic campaign for Mage: the Ascension), and an all too brief trip through Palladium Books' Megaverse. While I'm not averse to a short term game, I enjoy watching characters evolve and grow beyond their initial concepts at creation; as such, I prefer to run a longer campaign when possible. To that end, most of my D&D games take place in a (mostly) home brew world. While I keep an overall campaign story in mind, not every adventurer is out to save the world, and your actions (or inaction) can have campaign altering consequences. Want to build a keep and train an army? Carve out a kingdom or uncover the 10th sphere of magic? Want to avenge your family, or raise a fortune to start one? Maybe you just want to live long enough to retire and open a tavern, which you can pass along to your children in the next campaign. I'm here for that.

GM style

I tend to stick to the rules as written (RAW) with a few house rules that I feel enhance the game. This gives everyone the same point of reference for skills, abilities, and what the spell does. I keep to official character class material for the same reasons. If you would like to use a homebrew or UA test class in a game, I only request to review it prior to that character's first session With regard to story, I want players to leave a mark on the game, and believe that even a small action can have great consequences for the future. Do you spare a villain? Will they be back in greater force or go away to redeem themselves? Murdering NPCs in town? Expect dire consequences. As a rule, you can certainly try almost anything if it enhances the collaborative storytelling experience. With regard to the tone of my campaigns, I like to think I'm a pretty easy-going DM, and it's fair to say that my games are pretty casual, with low pressure role-playing. That said, I try to keep things in character and immersive to keep the game on track, and will nudge the players in that direction when necessary. My table is open to anyone and everyone so long as we're all respectful and willing to work together, to that end, I like to keep an open door for feedback and suggestions


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