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I'm a high school English teacher from Cape Girardeau, MO looking to supplement my income with my favorite hobby. I've been playing and running D&D since 2011 with 3rd edition, although now I almost exclusively play 5th edition D&D. I have a master's degree in Creative Writing, so I take writing adventures very seriously. I support a racially diverse world and fully welcome LGBTQ+ players at my table. I love Critical Role and Dragon Age, and I typically use both as influences in the games I run. I use FoundryVTT and Discord for my games. I'd be open to running any sort of adventure for folks--I own most of the books on D&DBeyond, but I'm also completely comfortable creating a homebrew game if that's what people prefer.

GM style

I love D&D because of a combination of the three tennets of D&D: Roleplay, Combat, and Exploration/Puzzle. I love love love roleplay, but having only roleplay can make the game a bit dull, especially for players who aren't involved in the scene. I love combat, but too much combat can be frustrating and slow. Puzzles and exploration are wonderful but can be frustrating if it takes too long to solve. I strive to have a balance of all three, giving each type of player an opportunity to shine.

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