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Hi, I am Jamie. For the past two years I have been DMing three campaigns across a homebru world, Wildemount, and Tomb of Antihalation. In 2020, during the Covid 19 pandemic, there was a very serious death in my family. At the same time, my employment situation suffered a major hit. I was able to cope by streaming the entire first campaign of Critical Role while hiking and gardening on the hillsides of rural Pennsylvania. I have been a fantasy nerd for as long as I could read, having cut my eye teeth on the Chronicles of Dragonlance and the Lord of the Rings. I am also a yoga teacher, an environmentalist, and a purveyor of natural health foods and remedies. In my late thirties, I have discovered my mind drawn more naturally towards simple maths, which has led to a penchant for investment portfolio management, and now tabletop game design. Through my journeys as a yoga teacher and other health and wellness activities, I have come to realize a truth that I had intuited as a child: There is tremendous power through the immersion in fantasy to make us whole at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Thank you for considering joining me on our mutual path! Sometimes folks ask, why should I pay to play? Great question. The money that you pay for the game supports me in continuing to provide an immersive fantasy experience. A lot of work goes into preparing for each gaming session. I spend a lot of time and energy creating custom content, working the bugs out of published modules, answering questions out of game, helping players with their characters, and many other tasks to make sure we all have fun! You can expect professional customer service from a reliable and punctual DM who loves what he does and will see the campaign through to the end. You can expect custom story elements for your character to be embedded in the larger story arch. If you provide me with an apropos plot hook from your character background I will endeavor to include it as a quest and deepen our shared immersion. We will use scintillating customized maps and creatures from a variety of core and non-core sources. I will also be providing a number of hand made tabletop set pieces streamed from my home! Deep cut lore carefully curated and interwoven by a dedicated critter. Modern standards for inclusivity and boundaries are tactfully enforced.

GM style

I love equally all the core pillars that make this hobby great! I am a shamelessly amateur voice actor who loves roleplay. I love combat scenes that or short and wonky or long drawn out mega dungeon crawls. I am a little weak on designing my own puzzles and on complex social encounters with mechanical consequences, so those are the areas where I expect the most growth.

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