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About me

Hey, I am Jonathon but you can call me Jona. I am a long time nerd who loves everything from science to science fiction, history to fantasy, music and art. I was introduced to TTRPGs when I was a kid and when I found Dungeons and dragons in the mid 2000s I was hooked. I love introducing the game to new people, so naturally I had to become a GM. You can expect me to be a narrative-driven dungeon master that enjoys tactical combat. Also, as a racially ambiguous member of the LGBT community I try to be inclusive with everyone.

GM style

I tend to be a pretty flexible GM. I enjoy games that can be all about the numbers but I also really get into games that are all RP. I like to find a happy medium depending on what is comfortable for my players. Really need to stress how important the group dynamic should be setting the tone for a game, I like to make sure everyone is on the same page before we start. You want to play evil? Lets do it, as long as everyone is on board. You want to do voices? Cool, lets do them! if it makes you uncomfortable then no pressure. Open world stories where the players dictate what happens or a game on tight rails that aims for completion, I am on board as long as the group agrees. I can Promise my players that I will always be for advancing the narrative and player decisions are going to impact the world.


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