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I don't use any kind of generative AI for my games. I'm the kind of person who spends my free time either playing, gming or thinking about tabletop rpg's. I love every aspect of it, the drama, the character development, the sadness and the romance. I'm extremely passionate about trying indie rpg's and a big enjoyer of the powered by the apocalypse style of game. I'm a daydreamer and almost always I am daydreaming about future or past characters and their possible adventures. If you're the same kind of person, try one of my games! I'm sure we'll have a good time. Interested in intimate rp? I'm more than happy to offer it but safety tools/discussion will need to take place first. Some quotes about me from players "The Virtual Novel of Paid GMs" "I cried when (NPC) was revealed" "Great and patient with new players" "Good at handling the pace and sharing the spotlight" "Approachable and laid back" PS: I have a pretty cool accent

GM style

🤩 I love my player's characters and I will always be their #1 fan, which means loving and supporting them and also putting them in interesting situations whenever possible. ❤️️ I love stories about Romance, Love, Heartbreak and Desire. Although these aren't required by any means, I think they are an excellent flavour of roleplaying. 💙 My number one concern in any game is if everyone is safe and having a good time and I'm willing to compromise or change anything to achieve this end goal. 😊 I always strive to make deep and interesting worlds and characters for my players to interact with as well as giving players the freedom to explore those worlds. 🥳️Always looking for feedback from people to improve my gming! Feel free to message any questions you have about me or my games and I will always try and get back to you.

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