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I began gaming when I was 6, and ran my first campaign when I was 8. I’ve been playing and GMing ever since, for 34 years. As someone with high-functioning autism, HDHD, and some other learning disabilities, TTRPGs gave me an entry into the realms of knowledge and curiosity that traditional schooling could not. Roleplaying is what taught me to read, gave me my vocabulary and started me on my personal adventure to learn everything I can about everything. It also helped me learn to function in the world by helping me develop important skills in socializing and interacting with people. Unlike some hobbies, I equate roleplaying to any other team sport or group activity; the success of the group and enjoyment of all is the result of the skills, knowledge, and dedication of the GM and the players working together for a positive experience. I have run games for all ages, from children to seniors, and in multiple settings, including casual, semi-professional, corporate, and professional. I’m a published board game designer and have worked as a consultant for other game designers and game design companies, bringing to them an innate understanding and expertise in fundamental strategy and systems theory. All of my games are run in my custom world, which has dynamically evolved for 30 years. Many people comment on the experience of immersion they feel in a world with a rich sense of history to it. I take a lot of pride in providing a unique and immersive playing experience, including the use of music and art to help depict the world. Most of all, I take pride in being able to say that every player who participates in my campaigns leaves as a better, stronger player overall. Not only do they have a fun experience, but they become better strategists and tacticians, learn to explore knowledge on a wide variety of topics, and sometimes uncover hidden gifts in themselves, giving them more confidence. I have been a player many times, but GMing is where I live and what I love to do most.

GM style

High level world building with detailed histories, societies, governments, cultures, and dynamic characters and stories Challenging problem solving opportunities, both combat and puzzle or situational Freedom to play a wide variety of character archetypes with few limitations Atmospheric, sensory experience that may include playlists, music, sound effects, maps, images, descriptions and terrain Adaptability to players’ choices and desires; not restricted to predetermined “story” Beginner level or novice to advanced level of play Linear or open world storytelling Epic level games available Excellent NPC interactions, humor, culturally specific details Varied cultures and histories, not limited to Eurocentric fantasy tropes LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC inclusive and friendly.

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