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I'm all about fun times and engaging story and role play. I've got tons of experience running games live and on roll 20. My idea is the immerse my players in a great experience were they select the level of difficulty where we go through many of the TSR and WOC adventures or at times home brew or heavily modified games so there is still surprises in old favorites like Curse of Strahd and Tomb of Annihilation. My games are challenging to a level chosen by my players. The level of realism, difficulty, role play v combat and politics, exploration and consequence are selected at game 0 and every new paying player will add their own preference to the overall mix. This way the game is customized for the team and at each major plot point the players can vote again to increase or decrease settings so you not locked in for the whole campaign. I usually have players select 27 points buy and start at first level and in that way people can easy into getting to know each other. Most of my games I ask people to select from any published race or class but until we get to be comfortable as a team I ask all players to be good or neutral. The objective is to have fun. Of course there may be times people come into conflict due to situation, views or spell but these are worked through. At our session I will also ask if you have any triggers and to let me know what they are especially if a realism setting is high and we are dealing with a horror type campaign. My ask. All I ask of my players is respect fro each other and me as the GM, allow others to have their time in the lime light (if they want it), learn not to talk over each others and talk to me if there are any issues. I have played 5E for some time and know most of the rules but there will be time I might rely on players knowledge or check it out on the net. The main thing is the DM is the arbiter and has final say. I also expect everyone to act like an adult (unless I am running a kid friendly game) and not use the game as avenue to hurt others or justify terrible behavior or discrimination.

GM style

Love a great blend of Role play, combat and consequence. I bring to the game relevant mini games to resolve some situations where it makes sense or where it is fun, not everything need be at the roll of the dice I like to think players can manufacture their own luck some of the time. I love it when my players give the games I imagine a life of their own and take us in new memorable and existing places together. I love to give the players their agency and grant them the ability to use that to their own weal or woe! I like my players to select their overall difficulty and reality of level play, RP, combat politics and exploration and support.

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