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About me

Hi there! I'm Mmaria, a Professional Dungeon Master. I am a Brazilian woman who always had a passion for games, specially TTRPGs. The first time I played an RPG game was when I had only 14 years old, and the expectation of great adventures led me to beg my grandmother to buy me the Starter Kit for 4ed D&D and a set of dice. Ever since I've been playing TTRPGs, mostly as the Game Master. You see, DMing is not only my job, but also my passion. I've always loved writing and creative projects, so to be able to weave a tale of adventure with a group of friends, to build entire worlds and live a thousand lives is truly incredible! I've been working as a Professional DM for 2 years now, with over 10 tables in discord, and now I'm transitioning over to StartPlaying! I've ran multiple official and homebrew campaigns over the years. I'm also recording a stream of Curse of Strahd with five other friends and myself as the Dungeon Master, which you will soon be able to find in Twitch and Youtube under the name of Round the Clock RPG. I love running spooky games, so you'll always see some Curse of Strahd, Ravenloft, Underdark and sometimes even some Call of Cthulhu campaigns going! I'm also building a massive homebrew world, which is the initial setting of our stream. I also have my own version of Curse of Strahd, a revamped (pun inteneded) version that drastically expands on the official 5E campaign to include layers upon layers of original content based from the Ravenloft modules and gazetteers of the 2nd and 3.5 editions. Above all, however, is my will to make sure you have the best time possible during our game! Immersion is key to telling a story and I guarantee that with my DMing and the tools I use - creative plots, fully fleshed out settings and NPCs, engaging descriptions, animated maps, image handouts, music and sound effects - you will have fun! If you'd like to join any of my games, please send me a message or a request!

GM style

Beginner Friendly: I'm more than comfortable with helping new players ease into D&D and teaching them how to play. I'm available 24/7, so you can send your questions and I'll help you as fast as I can! Diversity: As a latina of indigenous ancestry and as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, one thing I make sure is to make my games a safe place! You'll always be welcome to be who you are with no fear of suffering any prejudices. I run with a set of rules that promote inclusivity and diversity and any who break it by being bigoted will be immediately expelled from the table. Not only that, but my worlds are also diverse, so no matter what setting we run, you'll be interacting with people of all kinds. Pillars of Play: My games tend to be roleplay heavy, with lots of dangerous and challenging combat and intriguing exploration. As for percentage of each of the three pillars of play it depends on each game, but a general rule would be roleplay at 50%, combat at 30% and 20% for exploration. Genre: While I usually run games in the gothic horror and dark fantasy genres, I do also run more traditional fantasy and sci-fi/space operas. Collaborative Storytelling: The coolest part of TTRPGs is when everyone gets together to build their characters, their world and their relation to it. I will always help you during character creation and will tend to incorporate your ideas into the setting as much as I can. Your characters will also always have a personal hook to the setting besides just the main plot. Worlds Tailored to You: Do you like gathering ingredients to brew potions? I have a set of mechanics for that! Do you enjoy the intricacies of running a kingdom and the power plays of court life? I have a set of mechanics and rulesets for that too! Whatever you wish to have come to life your game, I will give you full support and develop whatever mechanics or homebrew needed. Animated Maps: I run my games with top-down 3D animated maps I make myself (or might sometimes buy from other creators). Music and Sound Effects: I add both soundtrack and sound effects to games to make them more interesting and engaging. Alignments: I tend towards gray morality in my games, and NPCs - even villains - will have meaninful and compelling motivations that explain their actions. I like to use the alignments system as more of a guide than a strict ruleset. I allow characters of evil alignment on some games, depending on the party and as long as they are not murderhobos.


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