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James he/him

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Player for
7 years
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2 years
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36 games

About me

I'm relatively new to being a DM online. I was forced into it by my friends wanting to play D&D, but no one wanting to run the games. I took the mantle and enjoy it a lot. I'm a storyteller above anything else. I've ran a few one shots and short campaigns. I wanted to get into running online games and teaching others how to play. I love the creativity, teamwork, storytelling, and fun over everything else. Combat is fun, but it isn't the whole game. Roleplaying is a big part, but I never force anyone to roleplay if they feel shy. I'm open to criticism and want to learn to be better. My job is to make sure that everyone has a great time and builds friendships!!!

GM style

I'm a little everywhere in style. I love doing voices (though I have been know to forget certain character's accents), storytelling, combat, roleplaying.... I love teaching others. I love building the friendships and teamwork amongst a group of strangers! I enjoy serious campaigns and silly ones...

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