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I love creating interesting storylines, and ironically, I lean towards more sandbox style games, so that I don't know where those storylines are headed! I like having a balance between challenging combat, and rp with my ridiculous NPC's. I like making NPC's that make my players laugh. I have plenty of experience running IRL games, and have run a couple of online games via Roll20 and Discord. In my spare time I like to play D&D as a player, and I do improv and stand-up a few times a week. I find that translates really well into my games as a DM or as a player! My favorite class is the Bard because every 'Vicious Mockery' I cast is an original insult, and usually it rhymes.

GM style

My players tell me I make good use of music and sound effects, and my combat encounters are challenging. I lean more towards a sandbox-style game, and I am good at character and story improv. I usually have one or two homebrew worlds I am working on in my free time! I am a big fan of Session 0, but find that the best way this has worked in the past in my games is an extra 30-60 minutes at the start of the first game to figure out everybody's expectations and comfort levels. I will always prioritize the story vs a strict adherence to the rules, this means that rule of cool is the golden rule in my games! I had a monk player who was infamous for doing an improvised action in combat quite often because they were creative in their thinking. In order to provide a fresh experience for everybody- I tend to reskin some monsters in combat, but stay away from homebrew as often as I can. On a closing note, I like using character backstories in my games, players can expect one or more "character arcs", using their backstory! I have made Warlock Patrons major characters/antagonists more than once.

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