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About me

Hey! I run mostly homebrew D&D 5e campaigns tailored for individual parties, with an emphasis on collaboration and party input. Currently searching for a group of player-heroes to join me in Middle Earth for some Middle Earth Adventures (LotR 5e) on Saturday afternoons/evenings (EST). I am also building a new homebrew world, something like Firefly meets Earthsea (still under heavy development), to run mid-mornings on a Monday or Tuesday (EST). Both of these games will be hosted in Foundry (no need for player purchase of program.) Please feel free to reach out to me at, or to check out the group application for the IndigoStories server on Guilded!

GM style

I adore a good rp session, and a party that will develop interpersonal relationships in-character, as these will often lead to fun new plot developments (and offers me time to catch up on my notes as we go.) I prefer for in-game combat to serve a purpose, either to emphasize the dangerous nature of wherever the party has ventured, as the direct result of character action/inaction, or to further a plot line. Typically, but not always, there will be a way to avoid or de-escalate or flee combat. Personally, I tend to struggle with puzzles, and so any puzzles that are present in my games will be simple, or logic-based, or have a way to work around them. Most of my games do not have puzzles that take more than a minute or two to solve, as they can distract from the flow of things for some players.

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