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Hail and well met adventurers! Are you looking to start a new campaign? I can help with that. Together we will make characters, write their back stories, and you and your friends will set out to begin your epic adventu...

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How to prepare

The group will need Discord installed on their devices and microphones/cameras set up for video and voice during our sessions

What I provide

Players will be able to learn and grow in their playing skills, explore a large custom continent, and forge an epic story along the way. Players will also receive a high quality image of the continent map, and the potential to commission character art through our artist partner.

What else should you know

The continent this game takes place on is divided by war. Certain cities may be harder to find help in for some character types.

Gameplay Details

What the gameplay is like is up to you! When I start a new campaign I sit down with the group and tailor their experience to what they want to be playing. My general style of play is roleplay heavy, with a focus on the characters and their stories. Combat is intense and fast paced, and encourages outside the box thinking and creative uses of your skills and abilities

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation will be done on dndbeyond during our first session

Players can expect







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